Bear and Moo

Secret Garden Cloth Nappy - Luxe


Designed by Hip Kid Designs.

Our Bear & Moo Luxe nappies are an All-in-One (AIO) style full of absorbency.  
Designed to fit approx. 3.5kg – 18kg using the adjustable domes.

Why Choose Bear & Moo Modern Cloth Nappies

  • Reusable pocket cloth nappies are cheaper than disposable nappies
  • Reusable nappies are a better choice for the environment
  • We had our reusable nappies especially made using waterproof PUL with 4 layers of hemp, 3 layers of bamboo and a soft suede lining for against the skin.
  • These Luxe nappies also come with a PUL tummy panel

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