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New Zealand Sign Language Alphabet Set


Hand crafted set of 26 wooden blocks with the complete alphabet in upper and lower case and it’s corresponding sign language image.

Understanding and learning sign language has many benefits for children and adults.
Sign language provides a window into your child’s world and allows non verbal communication of their needs. It also facilitates bilingual learners, enhances language and listening skills and enriches relationships.
On top of all these amazing benefits, sign language can also improve small motor skills because of the dexterity required for communicating with hand gestures.

Building with blocks allows children to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts such as height, length, quantity and balance as they stack and build, and with the addition of alphabet blocks they can also include letter recognition and an understanding of word formation. Also a great decorative item for any room

The images are laser engraved to be long lasting and finished with natural oils to enhance and protect the wood. Blocks measure 4cm x 4cm.

Set comes in a drawstring canvas bag for storage.


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