Sage x Clare

Kylo Knit Blanket | Sage x Clare


As soft and comforting as your favourite jumper and showcasing the prettiest of seasonal hues, the Kylo Knit Blanket is sure to bring an instant burst of colour and fun to any interior setting.

We love it as much for its stunning design as its warming practicality - who knew functionality could be so beautiful?! Merging the Anabelle collection's key colours of rose, dusk, powder, macadamia, wheat, mist, denim and mauve, the fabulous fun is continued through colourful tassels on each end.

The playful detailing is balanced by a classic grid pattern, providing just the right amount of sophisticated chic.  A beautiful piece to add texture, warmth and a burst of seasonal colour to any bedroom or living room setting.

Measures 150 x 220cm
Rose, Dusk, Powder, Macadamia, Wheat, Mist, Denim, Mauve
Made from 100% acrylic

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