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English Alphabet Tracing Board


As preparation for writing, these tracing boards are designed to help children understand the different movements and angles that are formed within letters. 
This board is double sided with lower case letters on one side and upper case on the other. 

The child can use their finger to trace and feel the curves and angles of the shapes and can also use the dowel to begin to make the movements with a pencil like tool, which also helps develop their pencil grip. 

Another hands on way for exploring with this board is to use materials such as seeds, petals and beads to fill in the letters and create a piece of art. 

20 sight cards are included with words and images to help with word and letter recognition.

Sight cards include:

•ear •sun •tree •bag •house •mouth •door •moon •stomach •flower •cat •girl •window •nose •dog •cow •bot •hat •bird •ball

These tracing boards are made from untreated pine, which are then coated in a natural hard coat to seal and protect  the wood for durability. 
Board measures 45cm L x 23cm H

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