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The Avery Car Seat Capsule is an intelligent system that makes transporting your baby easy and convenient.  Whilst keeping your baby safe inside, you can connect it to your Avery Base in your vehicle, and also to your Oscar Mx quickly and easily.

Meets safety standard: ECE R44/04

Whats Included?

Lumbar Wedge
Newborn Insert (including Head Wings)
Use & Care Guide

What Stroller does it click into?

The Avery Capsule clicks into the Oscar Mx and Olive strollers.

The Avery Capsule does not click into the Oscar g3 or earlier models. It does not work with other stroller brands.

Download the instruction manual

Weight Limit: 13kg 

Height Limit: Baby’s head 2.5cm from top of capsule shell. 

Weight of Capsule: 3.75Kg 

Safety Standard: ECE R44/04 

Lifespan: 7 years from date of manufacture 


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